Kent recently sold a house for me in Basalt that belonged to a friend who had died. I was the executor of the estate and lived 4 hours away from the property. Kent proved to be invaluable, guiding me through the process, stressing the importance of taking care of all the health and safety issues of an older home, like radon testing, chimney inspection and cleaning, septic system cleaning and inspection. Much of it he took care of while I was able to stay home to deal with other aspects involved in being an executor. He also organized the cleaning crew for the house once I had emptied it. He was always available to let workers in the house or to answer any questions. He kept in contact throughout the process, updating me regularly, reminding me of what the next steps would be. The house sold quickly since he made sure we were so well prepared. I am deeply grateful for all his hard work and knowledge and recommend him highly!