3 Tips to Help You Sell Your Home in Aspen During the Holidays

Many people put their homes on the market during the holidays – and though spring and summer are typically regarded as the best time to sell a home in Aspen, there are actually a few benefits to selling during fall and winter. For one thing, you won’t have a lot of competition – many people are waiting for the warmer months to sell. Another advantage: Buyers who are looking for new homes during the winter are often more serious (and more motivated) than those looking in spring and summer. But with that information aside, if you choose to sell your home in Aspen during the holidays, this guide covers three tips to help you through the process (and make you more successful).

3 Tips to Help You Sell Your Home in Aspen During the Holidays

The following are three tips that will help you sell your home as quickly as possible during the holidays – and get the best possible price for it:

  1. Create seasonal curb appeal
  2. Make sure the lighting is right
  3. Don’t go overboard on holiday decor

Scroll down for a closer look at each.

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Tip #1 for Selling Your Home During the Holidays: Create Seasonal Curb Appeal

You might not be able to change the location of your home, but you can change how it looks from the street. If you’re selling your home in Aspen during the holidays, take some time to create seasonal curb appeal. This will make your home more inviting to potential buyers – and help it stand out in buyers’ memories.

First, make sure your walkways are clear and safe. Then, make sure they’re well-illuminated in the evening (it gets dark early!) so people can check your home out when they drive by.

Then, choose winter-themed porch decor; now’s not the time to have a “Welcome Spring” wreath hanging from your door. Some good winter-themed decorative items include potted pines, a holiday wreath or a festive sleigh.

Finally, make sure your landscape lighting is on-point, your porch light is modern and bright, and that your windows are always sparkling clean.

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Tip #2 for Selling Your Home During the Holidays: Make Sure the Lighting is Right

Lighting is important in any home – but it’s even more important when you’re selling during the months the sun retires early. Good lighting will make your home feel warm and inviting – two things that are essential during the holidays (or any time of year, really).

In every room, make sure you have a mix of light sources: overhead lighting, lamps and accent lighting. And when it comes to holiday decor, choose lights that are both festive and flattering. Bright white lights can make a room feel harsh; instead, try using softer, warmer-toned lights (like LED candles) to create a more inviting ambiance.

Tip #3 for Selling Your Home During the Holidays: Don’t Go Overboard on Holiday Decor

It’s tempting to go all-out on holiday decorations when you’re selling your home during the holidays. But beware – too much holiday decor can actually turn potential buyers off.

Your best bet is to stick to a few simple, elegant holiday touches. A small, tasteful wreath on the front door, a few candles in the windows and a simple holiday centerpiece on the dining room table are all you need to make your home feel festive – without going overboard. Remember, too, that you may celebrate different holidays than those that your prospective buyers celebrate. That’s the best reason to keep things simple and general.

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