4 Year-Round Lawn Care Tips for Your Aspen Home
Getting a lush, green lawn isn’t as hard as you might think. With some effort, time, and the right tips you can be well on your way.

Aerate Grass Before Its Growing Phase

Aeration reduces soil compaction by creating holes that let roots receive oxygen, water, and fertilizer. This enhances root growth and the overall health of your lawn. You should aerate just before your grass enters its active growing phase. For warm-season grass aerate in late spring or early summer. For cool-season turf aerate in early fall. Schedule your fall aeration so that the grass has four weeks of active growth before the first frost occurs in your area.

Overseed Your Lawn

Just to be clear, overseeding doesn’t mean spreading too many seeds on your lawn. It means spreading seeds to repair bare spots, fill in thin areas, and thicken high-traffic areas. You should overseed cool-season turf from late summer to early fall, approximately six weeks before the first frost. It’s best to overseed warm-season grass from late spring to early summer.

Trim Your Lawn a Final Time Before Snowfall

Cut your lawn a final time before the first snowfall, even though the grass has likely stopped growing. Simply lower the mowing deck to cut to the height of about 1-inch. This short height can help prevent snow mold. Mow using a bag attachment to catch leaves, twigs, and any weed seeds.

Give Sod Eight Weeks to Take Root

For the instant look of a lush lawn you can lay sod, but it can be costly. And although sod may appear to be instantly ready to go, it really needs about eight weeks to take root. Reputable sellers grow their sod in fields, and “lift” it to order. Typically, you should be able to choose between ornamental sod—which is composed of fine grasses, and utility-grade sod, which has a mix of durable rye grasses. You can order specialty sod, too, but it’s usually more expensive.

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