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If you’re like many people considering a move, you may be wondering whether you really need a Realtor® to sell your home.
While it is possible to sell your home without a Realtor, it’s usually not advisable – even if only for the fact that it takes quite a bit of specialized knowledge to market a home (particularly in a specialized market such as Aspen, Basalt, Snowmass, Woody Creek or Carbondale) and ensure it gets in front of the right potential buyers.

What Goes Into Selling a Home?

In order to sell a home yourself, you’ll need to know:

  • Its exact value
  • How to work with a buyer’s agent
  • How (and where) to market it
  • How to vet potential buyers

Knowing Your Home’s Exact Value

While online price estimators can give you a ballpark figure, they’re missing one important thing: the human element. In fact, some online home value estimators can be off by as much as 12 percent – and that can be disastrous when you’re trying to price your home to meet the market’s demands.

Working With a Buyer’s Agent

When a potential buyer approaches you, he or she is likely to do so through a real estate agent. The buyer’s agent works only for the buyer; his or her job is to get the best possible deal for them. You’ll need to put your negotiation skills to work to ensure that you’re not leaving money on the table or giving up more than you should during the process.

How (and Where) to Market Your Home

Statistics show that more than 90 percent of buyers use the Internet to find their homes – and that’s where they start. That means your home needs to be in as many online locations as possible in order to reach the widest possible audience. In some cases, newspaper, print ads and other mediums are appropriate, as well.

How to Vet Potential Buyers

It’s always important to vet potential buyers so you’re not spending time negotiating with people who aren’t actually qualified to purchase your home. (Typically, this is something that Realtors do so that sellers never have to worry about it.)

Are You Selling a Home in or Around Aspen?

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