Don't Keep Your Pets Home for Showings
When you’re selling your home, your pet doesn’t really know what’s going on – but you’ll have plenty of strangers coming in and going out.
That can be dangerous to pets (and it creates conditions that make it easy to escape).

Don’t Keep Your Pets Home for Showings

Dogs, cats, snakes, birds and other pets need to go with you when you leave the house for showings.
It’s not just about making it easier to sell your home, although it will (even pet-lovers don’t want to see other people’s animals when they’re trying to explore a home for sale).
If you can, relocate your pets to grandma’s or a trusted friend’s house – that way, you won’t have to whisk away their belongings every time someone wants to come see the house. It’s easier on you.
But it’s also easier on your pets, because packing up and leaving the house over and over can be incredibly stressful.
Besides, pets are distracting. When the dog barks, the lizard moves or the cat rubs up against a buyer’s legs, he or she can’t focus on the good aspects of your home.
Do yourself – and your pets – a favor by taking them out of the house for showings.

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