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Whether you’re selling a luxury home in Aspen, a ranch in Basalt, or a condo in Snowmass, you need to know that it’s best to maximize your outdoor living space to appeal to as many buyers as possible.
Creating an outdoor living space can both attract buyers to your home, and help you enjoy the outdoors a little more while staying in the comfort of your home. Below, are a few way you can maximize your outdoor living space while selling it to prospective buyers.

Add a Patio or Deck

Building a deck or patio to your home can help add more outdoor space to your home and peak the interest of potential buyers. Although the cost may be high, even building a small deck can help you get an extra dose of air that can be refreshing if you lack any outdoor seating areas. Plus, if you still feel strongly about adding a patio or deck, recent studies have shown that nearly 98 percent of homebuyers would rather buy a home with them included in the sale.

Put Up a Fence

Having a fenced-in outdoor space can significantly increase your home’s value. Plus, it can make that space feel a little cozier and free from prying eyes. After all, who doesn’t love a little privacy?

Update Your Landscaping

A well-maintained lawn can boost your home’s curb appeal significantly. Doing something as little as mowing your lawn or something as intensive as planting a whole garden can both have a positive effect. Just make sure that you take proper care of every new plant.

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