How to Stage Kids’ Rooms to Sell Your Home Fast
If you’re selling a home in Aspen, you know that part of the deal includes home staging – the art of making your space as appealing as possible to prospective buyers. But what about kids’ rooms? Should you stage children’s bedrooms for people who may not have kids? This guide explains.

How to Stage Kids’ Rooms to Sell Your Home Fast

Every room in your home must have a purpose when you put it on the market – and that means you should work with what you have. If you have a couple of kids’ rooms in your home, you’ll stage them just like you would any other space… but you can get a little more creative and make them appeal to both kids and adults. You can do that by:

  • Showcasing style + function
  • Going easy on themes
  • Adding plants and twinkle lights

Here’s a closer look at each. 

Kids’ Room Staging Tip #1: Showcase Style + Function

Spring for furniture that pulls double-duty, such as loft beds with built-in desks or tables that feature shelves and cubbies to stash away toys. Storage ottomans are a great solution, as are shelving units with pull-out bins. Having furnishings like these can help the space look less cluttered, more organized and super-functional, which is particularly helpful when you’re selling your home. That’s because buyers aren’t just buying four walls and a roof; they’re buying a lifestyle. If you can show buyers who may be parents that it’s easy to maintain kids’ rooms, you’ve made a great impression.
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Kids’ Room Staging Tip #2: Go Easy on Themes

Many kids’ rooms revolve around a central theme – like a favorite movie or character. If possible, try to tone that down a bit so it’s not overwhelming. You need prospective buyers to see a place they can let their own kids, who likely have different interests, be creative. It’s okay to show off the space as a great room for children, but avoid overloading prospective buyers with too much themed decor.
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Kids’ Room Staging Tip #3: Add Plants and Twinkle Lights

You use plants in the rest of your home for staging, so it’s a good idea to put them in kids’ rooms, too. Just make sure they’re kid-friendly plants (read: no cactus) that match the space’s style. Pro tip, though: If your kids are little, skip the plants. They’re great in nurseries and teens’ rooms – but between those ages? Not so much.
Twinkle lights are another story. When done properly, they can add a whimsical, fun ambiance to any kid’s room – and that means they’re worth a second look when you’re staging. Even better, they’ll go with you to your new home so your child can continue enjoying them.

What About Staging a Staged Child’s Room?

If you have a bonus room, there’s nothing wrong with staging it like it’s a child’s room. According to a year-end 2021 survey by the National Association of REALTORS®, 61 percent of buyers aged 31 to 40 had one or more kids under the age of 18 living with them. That’s a significant amount of buyers, which means it may be smart to outfit your extra space as a bedroom for the under-18 set.

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