Quick Fixes Before You List Your Home
When you’re getting ready to sell your home, your real estate agent will let you know what you should fix before you list it for sale. This list will get you started.

Quick Fixes Before You List Your Home

Check out this list of quick fixes you can make before you list your home for sale:

  • Cosmetic damage
  • Minor upgrades
  • Fixing curb appeal

Cosmetic Damage

Run through your house and look for cosmetic damage. Chipped countertops, peeling paint and scuffs on the floor are easy fixes you can make in an afternoon, and they’re usually worth tackling. That’s because while they don’t affect your home’s function, they do make it look run-down and tired. The more you can do to freshen things up, the better.
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Minor Upgrades

If your faucets and light fixtures are really outdated, you might want to consider updating them. You can find great – and modern – fixtures at home improvement stores, and they’re often pretty affordable. Making little upgrades like these can make a huge difference when buyers come to see your house.
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Fixing Curb Appeal

The first impression buyers get of your home is when they check it out online – and usually, the first photo they see is of the front of the house. That first impression really counts – and it keeps counting until the moment buyers pull up in front of the house for a tour. Making sure that what buyers see is appealing is incredibly important, because it sets the tone for how they feel once they step through the front door.
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