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What do you imagine when you think of selling your home during the winter?
If you’re like most people, you shy away from the idea — but that might be the wrong way to look at things.

Should You Sell Your Home in Aspen During the Winter?

Winter buyers are often a little more serious than springtime and summer “tire-kickers.” In fact, you can do a handful of things to make your home even more desirable during the winter… especially in Aspen.

How to Make Your Home More Desirable on the Winter Real Estate Market

Start with the environment:

  • Keep the walkways clear
  • Keep the heat turned up
  • Use warm, inviting smells (freshly baked cookies are always a bonus, especially if you leave them out for potential buyers)

Make sure you have photos of the house during each season, too, for the real estate listing. That way, potential buyers will know what it looks like without snow on the ground (and with leaves on the trees).
Keep up on indoor maintenance, too. Buyers will be focused mostly on the home’s interior during winter, so there’s no room for slip-ups inside.
Improve your lighting, while you’re at it. It gets darker earlier during the winter, which means your house really has to shine. Use additional floor lamps and install landscape lighting if you don’t already have it.

What Kind of Traffic Will You Get During the Winter?

Don’t get your hopes up when it comes to having a revolving door… but do know that buyers who are house-shopping during the winter can be more serious than those who browse during the warmer months. The buyer pool may be smaller, but it’s better-stocked with those who will be interested in your home.

Are You Buying or Selling a Home in Aspen?

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