Upcoming Events at the BellyUp and Wheeler Opera House - Buy a Home in Aspen
If you’re living in Aspen, there’s always something to do – and some of the hottest events in town take place at the BellyUp and Wheeler Opera House.

Upcoming Events at BellyUp

You can keep tabs on all the live music events at BellyUp by checking out their calendar.
In January, there are a number of great performers on the schedule, including:

  • Policulture
  • Berkel Beats
  • Zoso: The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience
  • Nas
  • Twenty-One Pilots
  • Run the Jewels
  • Mau5trap presents Deadmau5
  • Tallgrass
  • Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation
  • Who’s Bad with DJFolami
  • DJ Snake

Upcoming Events at Wheeler Opera House

Dozens of great performances happen at Wheeler Opera House each year (you can see their continually updated calendar here), and in January, here’s what you can expect:

  • Sing-a-Long-a Grease
  • Very Semi-Serious
  • Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show
  • An Evening of Adventure Films Featuring A Line Across the Sky

Are You Already Living in Aspen?

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