What Are CFL Lightbulbs and Why Does it Matter - REMAX Signature
Compact fluorescent bulbs, or CFLs are miniature versions of the standard fluorescent lightbulb. In spite of their size, CFLs fit into all standard sockets. At first glance, they are reminiscent of the incandescent bulbs we’re all familiar with. However, they have a far more pleasant and diffused lighting characteristic than the harsh illumination we tend to associate with school or office interiors. The downside to CFLs is that they contain mercury, which is not much of an issue unless they break, in which case the cleanup can be a bit problematic. Mercury is a dangerous heavy metal, making proper cleanup and disposal of CFL bulbs critical. You should never place a used CFL bulb with the rest of your trash. Review information provided by your local waste management company or public works department to ensure proper disposal.

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