basalt kilns
The Basalt charcoal kilns in were constructed by the Aspen Silver Company in the late 1800s to mine raw ore. The rising demand for smelting charcoal at the time inspired the creation of seven separate kilns.
When charcoal is refined it burns hotter than wood; that’s why the kilns were designed using unfired brick, native stone, and an outside coating of standard mortar for protection.
A community began to develop around the kilns, naming itself Fryingpan. The town was home to several tent saloons, shacks, a tent store, and a halfway house. Today the only things left of this original town are the seven kilns and the halfway house.
Residents stopped using the kilns for their original purpose in 1887, when they began to use them to store grain and equipment for local ranchers. When the Colorado Midland Railroad moved in 1887, so did the town of Aspen Junction.
Eventually the local town purchased the kilns and incorporated them into Arbaney Park. Over time, varying weather conditions and vandalism began to take a toll on the kilns. In 2007, the town took action and began restoration. By 2010, the kilns were fully restored.

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