3 Easy Kitchen Improvements to Make if You’re Selling Your House in Aspen This Fall
If you’re thinking about selling your house in Aspen this fall, your REALTOR® will walk through with you and let you know what areas need a little TLC – and one of those areas may be your kitchen. Check out these three easy kitchen improvements you may want to make if you’re selling your house in Aspen this fall. 

3 Easy Kitchen Improvements to Make if You’re Selling Your House in Aspen This Fall

Selling your home means making it as appealing as possible to prospective buyers. If your kitchen has seen better days, it may be the most important area for you to improve in the home. Naturally, you’ll need to talk to your REALTOR before you make any major investments, but these three improvements may be just what the (real estate) doctor ordered:

  1. Updated lighting
  2. New faucet and sink
  3. Refreshed cabinetry

Here’s a closer look at each.

Kitchen Improvement #1: Updated Lighting

If your lights are old enough to vote, it’s time for an upgrade. (Even if they’re not that old, it may be time to modernize your kitchen’s look).
Head to your favorite home improvement store to see what’s available – and what goes with the rest of your kitchen. You may be surprised to discover that many kitchen light fixtures are affordable and easy to install yourself.
A new kitchen light fixture can change the way prospective buyers see your entire home, whether you choose a flush-mount light or a pendant. You might even think about exploring your favorite antique shop and looking for a refurbished piece there.
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Kitchen Improvement #2: New Faucet and Sink

New Faucet and Sink
If the chrome or ceramic finish on your kitchen sink has seen better days, it’s time to upgrade to something more modern. Buyers don’t want to see rusty or patchy metal faucets, scratched sink basins or tired, borderline-ragged grout.
As you browse light fixtures at your favorite home improvement store, head down the sink and faucet aisle. Although you’re likely to be able to install a faucet yourself, you may need to hire a professional to install a brand-new sink.
Pro Tip: Look for touchless faucets – those are incredibly popular with buyers right now.

Kitchen Improvement #3: Refreshed Cabinetry

You don’t have to tear down all your cabinets and start fresh, but if the paint or stain is old and tired-looking, it’s time to rejuvenate what you have. (You certainly can install all-new cabinetry, but you should talk to your real estate agent first. That can be a big investment, and it’s one you may not need to make at all – it could end up cutting into your profits at the closing table.)
Although refinishing cabinets can be a DIY job, remember that if you try to tackle it yourself, you need to have plenty of patience. You’ll need to remove each door from its hinges before painting – there are no shortcuts when it comes to refinishing kitchen cabinets. Buyers will notice if you do a poor job, and they may wonder where else you cut corners around the home.
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