3 Things That Could Wreck Your Home Sale
If you’re like most people who are selling a home in Aspen, you want to sell quickly and at the best possible price – but you have to be careful that your home doesn’t have any of these seemingly minor issues that could completely derail your transaction.

3 Things That Could Wreck Your Home Sale

Check out these mistakes that a lot of sellers make so you can avoid them:

  • Leaving windows without dressings
  • Failing to change light bulbs
  • Not cleaning thoroughly

Mistake #1: Leaving windows without dressings

Window dressings are important, even if they’re not top-of-the-line. The fact is that buyers form impressions of every room of the house – but their overall impression has to be favorable if you want them to consider buying your house or condo.
Without window dressings, a million things can run through a buyer’s mind: Can people see in? How much do blinds cost? Where are we going to find curtains that drape just like those do?
It’s important that you make sure your home has its best foot forward when you’re selling, and window dressings are part of that.

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Mistake #2: Failing to change light bulbs

A burned-out bulb says “The seller doesn’t really care enough to maintain the house.” Even if that’s not the way you mean it – maybe you haven’t had a lot of time on your hands lately (and who does? You’re still working, running a household and prepping to move, so it’s totally understandable). But these little details contribute to buyers’ overall impressions of your home, so try to carve out time for them.

Mistake #3: Not cleaning thoroughly

Your home needs to be spotless, even if it’s not staged. No matter what, you want buyers to see that your home is simple to maintain and that you have no problem keeping it clean. A lot of people hire a professional to come in for a deep-clean before listing a home on the market – and that’s a good idea if it fits within your budget. That way, you only have to maintain what the pros have done.

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