4 Plant-Watering Myths Debunked
You’ve designed a beautiful landscape around your Aspen home. You want to take good care of your outdoor investment but be aware that certain watering habits for plants, trees and shrubs simply aren’t rooted in fact. Avoid these watering myths so that you can best maintain your landscape.

Plants Need 1 Inch of Water per Week

Even though this concept may be considered by some to be a rule of thumb the reality is that every plant has its own set of watering needs. Young seedlings and new transplants have limited root systems and require a steady supply of water, so if the weather is hot and sunny they may need to be watered on a daily basis. On the other hand, if you have shrubs and trees that are more mature they may require supplemental watering only during stretches of dry weather, since their root systems are more substantial.
The ideal way to water most plants is to apply enough water to moisten their entire root system, then allow the soil to somewhat dry out before watering again. Water your plants slowly so that the moisture is absorbed by the soil and doesn’t run off.

Wilting Means Your Plant Needs Water

While wilting is a sign that your plant’s leaves aren’t getting enough water it doesn’t always mean that the soil is dry. Wilting can be caused by anything that inhibits the plant’s roots.
Roots need a consistent supply of water and air. If there’s insufficient water the roots will die. Too much water and the spaces between particles of soil will remain filled with water and suffocate the roots. In both instances the plant’s ability to deliver enough water to stems and leaves is hampered and will result in wilting.
Root diseases, physical damage to the roots—sometimes caused by digging or hoeing, and soil-borne insects can also harm roots to the extent that they can’t properly hydrate your plant. Some insects, especially ones that bore, can hinder the distribution of water and cause some, or all, of your plant to wilt.

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