5 Great Ways to Use Bubble Wrap After Your Move
Unpacking in your new home definitely feels great, but just what are you supposed to do with all that bubble wrap? Throwing it away feels wasteful, and it seems environmentally irresponsible… but keeping it will clutter up your brand-new space.
So where does that leave you (and the bubble wrap)?

5 Great Ways to Use Bubble Wrap After Your Move

If you think you might move again in the somewhat near future, it might be worth hanging on to it. But if you’re pretty sure of staying put, you can:

  • Ask others if they can use it
  • Put some in your attic
  • Repurpose it
  • Use it in art
  • Pop it

Here’s a closer look at each.

#1. Ask others if they can use it.

Your moving company may pick up your used bubble wrap, or your REALTOR® might know someone who could use it. Likewise, schools and non-profits sometimes welcome this type of donation to save on supply costs. Mention it to neighbors – they may know of an area family moving soon.

#2. Put some in your attic.

If you mail a lot of packages out for holidays or sell things on eBay, it’s probably worth storing at least some of your leftover bubble wrap.

#3. Repurpose it.

Think of items around your house that could use some extra protection. Bubble wrap is great around Christmas ornaments, glassware packed away for special occasions, and fragile vases. You also can line a toolbox with it to keep tools in top shape. And consider lining your fridge’s crisper drawer to reduce the bruising of vegetables and fruit. When the bubble wrap gets dirty, simply toss it out and replace.

#4. Use it in art.

This might sound a bit funny at first, but Google “bubble wrap art” before judging. Artistic folks have created some amazing masterpieces using bubble wrap as the canvas. You’ll also notice plenty of children’s craft ideas – kids love bubble wrap’s texture!

#5. Pop it!

Of course, youngsters aren’t the only ones who might find bubble wrap fun. When you need to unwind, popping some of those little bubbles can be awfully satisfying. Consider it cheap stress relief!

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