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Join your friends and neighbors at the 10th annual Aspen Fringe Festival, which starts Friday, June 8, and runs through June 11.

What is the Aspen Fringe Festival?

The Aspen Fringe Festival is an amazing event that’s happening at the Aspen Chapel, Aspen District Theatre and the AHS Black Box Theatre. You can get a Fringe Pass for $85, a single ticket for $35 or join the Fringe Lab for $20. The VIP Pass is $250, AFF Locals Pass is $75, and a special event pass is $25.


The dance portion of the festival takes place on Friday, June 8. Readymade, an evening-length performance with six stars and a magically elaborate set that was created from everyday materials, was inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s art theory with the same title.


The theme: Reshaping your life by changing the way you view things. Choreographed by Tanya Chianese, this amazing show will leave you reeling.

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