Seems every week we hear that real estate is having some kind of come back somewhere. I was recently at the RE/MAX International convention with over 60 countries and over 7,000 agents and the common conversation was how the market is on fire and how many multiple offers are coming in. Yes the news is picking it up but by the time it becomes headlines in bold front pages, the best pricing will be gone for good.
Aspen saw a ferocious ending to the year which was our best year since 2007 and I see more to come.  With over $131,000,000 under contract for Aspen, $137,215,000 in Snowmass we are seeing a strong interest in the upper valley area.  Certainly Viceroy has lead the way in sales this winter season with over $20 million closed and counting. There are yet some incredible opportunities in all segments of the markets and now is the time to jump in.
Today CNBC came out with an article speaking to the market and its effect on the resort sales.  Check out for the full article.  Not surprising that those tied to other markets and making some money from the new found highs are taking their investments and putting it where they can use it…..real estate. What best place to actually enjoy the fruits of your labor in such a tangible way.  Create memories, a healthy lifestyle of outside activities, a place for family and friends to gather. Of course, how simple right. We are still working on the stigma of the past few years yet those who really get it are jumping in now.
Aspen still is a great buy considering many of the other overseas markets are selling for more than price per square foot than Aspen.  But if you are still just going by the price per square foot then you really have not looked at what comes with the location.  Aspen has more to offer than any other little town in the mountains that I have ever encountered in all my years and travels.  But that is for another article.  For now, wherever your interest is in a second home or a move to a more healthy lifestyle, make it happen.
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