Aspen's West End Neighborhood
Aspen’s West End neighborhood, packed with beautiful Victorian homes, is home to the Aspen Institute and the Aspen Music Festival and School. Many of the homes in the community are vacation homes, and it’s just a quick walk from downtown.

What Aspen’s West End is Like

Historic homes and modern houses are located throughout Aspen’s West End. The quiet, tree-lined streets of this area are only minutes from the Benedict Music Tent, Harris Concert Hall and Hallam Lake, as well as the famed Rio Grande Trail.
All the hiking, biking and walking trails in the city are close, and there are many parks in the area as well. Picnic tables, playgrounds – you’ll find it all here.

Where the West End is Located

The West End includes most of the area north of Aspen’s Main Street. It borders near the Hotel Jerome at Mill and Main, and it goes out to 7th Street.

How the West End Developed

Prospectors on the hunt for silver began arriving in Aspen in 1879. By 1880, the city was called Aspen – and then it grew exponentially. By 1893, there were about 16,000 people living in the city. A lot of the people moving here lived in what’s now the West End, so you’ll even find old miner’s cottages located here.

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