buying a house with a pool in Aspen
Searching for a new house can be a challenge. Let’s face it: Not everyone in the family has the same criteria when it comes to the perfect home. If you’re excitement begins or ends with finding a pool in the backyard, know that you’re not alone. There are a lot of ups and downs to buying a home with a pool.
If you decide to take the plunge, there are numerous things to consider before making an offer, such as the age, condition, and added expenses. The most important thing on your to-do list is to have it inspected.
Knowing how old the pool is can help you make some decisions. If it was recently installed, you may not have to worry about repairs for some time. Chlorine can deteriorate liners and pumps, and it’s just a matter of time—they don’t last forever. Prepare to pay a few thousand dollars for an in-ground pool liner.
You’ll need to decide if you’ll be doing the maintenance yourself, or hiring a helping hand. Keeping the pool clean by skimming and vacuuming on a regular basis will give it a longer life. Adding chlorine or salt will help keep it clean, but will cost you each month. A heated pool in operation can also cause your energy bill to rise.
Don’t forget to check out the integrity of the fencing surrounding the pool. It is required for safety and security, and you’ll want to ensure that it meets local or community codes. Another item you can’t forget is liability insurance. Check with your insurer to determine how much additional coverage you’ll need.

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