Can You Burn Incense at an Open House
When it comes to scents everyone has their personal preferences. For example, you may enjoy burning fragrant incense. It can help neutralize the air and create a pleasant scent for your open house. A buyer who is used to smelling burning incense may feel the same. Other potential buyers, however, may be bothered by the smoke. So, should you burn incense during your open house?
Here’s what you need to know.

Can You Burn Incense at an Open House?

Get more info on burning incense:

  • During your open house
  • Before your open house
  • And what it means for prospective buyers

Burning Incense During Your Open House

Consider that while some potential buyers may not mind the smoke, it could be a turn-off for others since it may irritate their eyes and nose. It could also aggravate allergies and conditions like asthma.

Burning Incense Before Your Open House

If you feel strongly about burning incense for your open house do it before the event—at minimum a day before, or better a few days before—since the homes of those who burn frequently may have a lingering smell of smoke that needs time to air out. If you burn incense for spiritual or therapeutic purposes, confine it to one well-ventilated room, if possible, until you sell your home.

Burning Incense: Smoke Could Be Cause for Alarm

Some buyers may interpret the underlying scent of smoke from incense as cigarette smoke, and become sidetracked or even discouraged by the prospect of having to get rid of the smell if they were to buy your home. They may ask you to have the house professionally cleaned to alleviate what they consider to be an odor.

Some Suggestions

While your home is on the market try using an essential oil diffuser, an essential oil warmer, or lightly-scented wall plug-ins, in the place of burning incense. And perhaps add a note in your listing instructions that any residual smell of smoke in the house is from the use of incense, so buyers won’t assume that they’re smelling cigarettes.

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