Can You Change a Community's CC&Rs
If you’re like many people buying a home in Aspen, there’s a good chance that you’ll buy in a community that has a homeowners association. If you do that, you’ll want to review the HOA’s CC&Rs – those are their rules (CC&Rs stands for covenants, conditions and restrictions) to make sure they’re something you can abide by after you move in.
But what happens if the rules are bad, or if there are rules you decide don’t work for you once you’re already living in the community?
Here’s what you need to know.

Can You Change a Community’s CC&Rs?

CC&Rs, while they are written rules (“laws,” essentially) for a community, they’re not set in stone. You can contest them, and if you get a majority vote from the rest of the members of the community, they can be changed.
Naturally, changing the rules could work for you or against you – it depends on where you stand on the issue.
Remember, although an HOA’s job is to preserve the financial value of all the homes in the community, that doesn’t mean they’re always right. You can change rules you don’t like – you just have to get other homeowners on board with you.

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