Easy Hikes in Aspen
When you buy a home for sale in Aspen, one of the biggest draws is the easy access to spectacular natural beauty – and you can immerse yourself in it with a variety of easy hikes around town.

Easy Hikes in Aspen

There are three easy trails to hike in Aspen:

  • Rio Grande Trail
  • Hunter Creek
  • Smuggler Trail

Rio Grande Trail

The Rio Grande Trail, named for the railroad that used to be here, takes you from 7,700 feet to 7,900 feet in elevation. You can hike or bike up the trail. Its first two mies are paved, but it then becomes a dirt trail after it crosses Cemetery Lane.
Rio Grande Trail map

Hunter Creek Trail

The Hunter Creek Trail is 1.5 miles and features a dirt and gravel surface. It runs parallel to Hunter Creek and has several bridges that take you across other short hiking trails. The grade is steep in the first mile – you’ll ascend 700 feet.
Hunter Creek Trail map

Smuggler Trail

Smuggler Trail is 14 miles long and is surrounded by wildflowers and breathtaking mountain views. Because of its length, it could also be considered a moderate-difficulty trail. If you do the entire trail, you’ll gain 3,179 feet in elevation.

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