Fractional Aspen Properties: What You Need to Know

A fractional property in Aspen is one in which unrelated parties can each own part of it. One of the main advantages of buying a fractional Aspen property? You can share in the ownership costs (including maintenance) when you’re not using the home full-time.
Fractional ownership usually refers to shared ownership of a vacation home or a resort property; each party has usage rights based on time. That means you may enter into an agreement that allows you to use the property during certain months of the year; it can also mean that, in the case of a multi-unit development, that you’ll have access to use only a certain unit in the property.
Fractional Aspen properties have seen a surge in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. According to attorney Andy Sirkin, who specializes in co-ownership of real estate, it’s because you don’t have to invest millions to enjoy a vacation home.
“It allows you to create a connection between the time you spend in the home and the amount of money you pay for it,” says Sirkin. “It causes fewer headaches, costs less money and I still get everything I want. The meaningful differences between most old-fashioned timeshares and most modern fractional ownership arrangements are the extent to which each participant’s rights and responsibilities are limited to a particular home or group of homes, and the extent of each participant’s ownership and control.”

How to Find Fractional Aspen Properties

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Are You Buying a Fractional Aspen Property?

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