Hiking the Maroon Bells
If you’re buying a home for sale in Aspen or Snowmass – or any other community in this area – you’ll probably want to spend time at the Maroon Bells. It’s a premier destination for hiking. Here’s how you can enjoy it.

Hiking the Maroon Bells

There are three main trails at the Maroon Bells:

  • Buckskin Pass
  • Crater Lake Trail
  • East Maroon Trail
  • Maroon Creek Trail
  • Maroon Lake Scenic Trail
  • West Maroon Pass
  • Willow Lake Trail

Easy Maroon Bells Hikes

Maroon Lake Scenic Trail

The easiest hike at the Maroon Bells is the Maroon Lake Scenic Trail. It’s 1.3 miles each way, and it follows the lake and creek.

East Maroon Trail

This trail is 8.5 miles one way, but it’s still considered an easy hike (just be ready to do 17 miles if you go all the way out).

Moderate Maroon Bells Hikes

West Maroon Pass

The West Maroon Pass trail is 6.2 miles one way and gains about 2,500 feet in elevation going up.

Crater Lake

The Crater Lake trail begins at Maroon Lake and is 3.6 miles round-trip.

Maroon Creek Trail

The Maroon Creek Trail is 3.2 miles one way. It begins at the outlet of Maroon Lake.

Difficult Maroon Bells Hikes

Buckskin Pass

Buckskin Pass is 4.6 miles one way and begins at the Maroon-Snowmass and Willow Lake junction.

Willow Lake Trail

The difficult Willow Lake Trail is 6.5 miles total and crosses the Maroon-Snowmass and Willow Lake trail junction.

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