Hiking Trails East of Aspen
If you’re buying a home for sale in Aspen, you may want to explore the trails in and around the area. East of Aspen, right off Highway 82, you’ll find a number of great trails – these are our favorites.

Hiking Trails East of Aspen

Easy Hikes

  • Weller Lake. The Weller Lake Trail is about 0.6 miles one way.
  • The Grottos trail features a waterfall and several short trails off the sides.
  • The Ruby Trail leads to an abandoned mining camp. It’s 5 miles one way.
  • Discovery Trail. The Discovery Trail features 22 messages along the way in braille and print; there are nylon guide cords for the blind all along the trail.

Moderate Hikes

  • Grizzly Lake. The Grizzly Lake hike is 3.6 miles each way and provides an elevation gain of 2,000 feet.
  • Tabor Lake. The Tabor Lake Trail is 3.9 miles each way. You can access Tabor Lake from the trail.
  • Anderson and Petroleum Lakes. The Anderson and Petroleum Lakes Trail takes you to Petroleum Lake after 1.8 miles. You’ll gain 1,000 feet in elevation.
  • Lost Man Trail. The Lost Man Trail is 8.9 miles one way and features a 1,300-foot elevation gain.

Difficult Hikes

  • Midway Trail. Midway Trail is 8.8 miles one way and connects with the Hunter Creek Trail if you’re heading back to Aspen (but it’s an additional 20 miles).
  • New York Creek Trail. The New York Creek Trail is 4.2 miles one way. Bring a topographic map if you take this hike.

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