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Doors between rooms are an often-overlooked feature in many homes. Look around your home and you may be surprised just how many interior doors you have. From the standard sized, hinged door to the more unusual types, you have many options for selecting an interior door.

One Option: Hinged Interior Doors

The type you’ll see most often, basic hinged interior doors usually come in a standard size. This makes replacing them a snap. It’s often best to choose a pre-hung door for a speedy, easy upgrade. Then, it’s a simple matter of preference in type and style of door.
Choose a solid wood or solid core interior door for sound-resistant privacy. If soundproofing isn’t an issue—such as for a closet or basement door—hollow core doors are lightweight and lower-cost options. Panel doors offer a range of detail, or you can choose a flush, smooth door with no detailing.

French Doors Inside Your Aspen Home

French doors offer unparalleled flair and will really set off your décor. The detailing of the glass panes, and the light they allow through, can really make a statement. French doors are fabulous for a master suite. They can also open up your interior space while still providing a boundary when desired.

Aspen is Perfect for Pocket Doors and Barn Doors

Pocket doors are an ideal solution to tight or otherwise problematic spaces. Historic homes and repurposed spaces often may not have adequate room for a door to swing open. An attractive, dramatic alternative to the pocket door is a barn door. Barn doors hang from a decorative track, like a curtain, and slide to open or close. Either can help you streamline your floor plan in style.

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