Are You a Rational Home Seller - Sell Your Home in Aspen, CO
When you’re looking at homes for sale in Aspen, your Realtor(R) will walk through each home with you and look for red flags that might pose a problem for you – but there are plenty of ways you can find trouble spots, too.
Here’s how to tell when a seller is hiding something.

How to Tell When a Seller is Hiding Something

Check out these tips to find out if there’s something the seller doesn’t want you to know.
#1. Look for overstaging, like mood music piping throughout the house. While it’s a great way to sell a lifestyle, it could be being used to mask traffic noise or other nuisances.
#2. Check how big the sofa is. Sometimes people try to use less furniture in an effort to make rooms look bigger than there are. If there’s only a loveseat and no sofa in the living room, there might not be enough room for your own furniture.
#3. You smell a lot of Febreze or other air fresheners. There’s something to be said for a home that smells good – but it needs to smell good because it’s clean, not because it’s been doused in perfumes.

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