Penny Hot Springs in Carbondale
If you’re buying a home for sale in Carbondale, CO, there’s a hidden gem you need to know about: Penny Hot Springs.

Penny Hot Springs in Carbondale

The Penny Hot Springs, located below massive granite cliffs called “Hell’s Gates,” were named for locally famous hotelier Dan Penny. Penny set up a hotel and bathhouse at the location in the 1960s. Unfortunately, the bathhouse was shut down shortly after it opened. But in the 1990s, Pitkin County purchased the property and restored the pools – and because of the offbeat location, lots of locals don’t even know it exists.
At Penny Hot Springs, the extremely hot spring water mixes with the Crystal River – and several of the rock pools are comfortable enough to hop into.

How to Get to Penny Hot Springs

If you’re coming from the north (heading south) on Highway 133, head to Mile Marker 55 (if you go past 55, you need to turn around). Park on the shoulder of the road and hike down to the river – and keep your eyes open, because there are no signs. It’s a short hike that should take you less than five minutes.

What to Know Before You Visit

There are no facilities at Penny Hot Springs – just what nature provides.
Pack out all your trash – nobody comes to clean it.
Spring isn’t the best time to visit, because cold snow runoff overwhelms the heated water coming from the springs.
Check each pool before you get in – some are dangerously hot.

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