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The kitchen in your new home may be one of the most-used rooms, so it makes sense to ensure that it’s perfect. From the flooring to the colors and tones you use on the walls, getting the kitchen right is essential if you’re living in your dream home.
Whether you’re hiring a decorator to handle the stylistic details or you’re coordinating the work yourself, it’s important that you know how to pick the perfect paint colors and understand the relationships between hues, lighting and other colors.

Kitchen Lighting Matters

Before you decide on colors for your new kitchen, give the lighting a look. Kitchen spaces have a tendency to feel cramped and closed-in if they aren’t lighted properly. Be sure to compare daytime and nighttime lighting. Painting the ceiling in a pale, reflective color may help brighten your kitchen if it doesn’t feel sunny enough.
If you’re going with deep or bold colors, you may wish to add under-the-cabinet lighting to ensure your countertops and range have enough light for you to work with. In this way, you can be as dramatic as you like without sacrificing functionality.

Should You Hire a Professional?

In many cases, it’s best to bring in expert help – especially if you’re not sure whether you’ll be picking the right color scheme. Your kitchen needs to be comfortable but suit your personal style at the same time, so it’s often a good idea to hire a designer who can help you perfect it.
Need inspiration? Check out these celebrity kitchens:

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