What Happens if You Break Your HOA's Rules
When you live in a community with a homeowners association, you agree to abide by the HOA’s rules.
But what happens if you “step out of line”?
Here’s what you need to know.

What Happens if You Break Your HOA’s Rules?

The consequences can be pretty severe if you break your HOA’s rules. In fact, some HOAs reserve the right to evict you from your property if your infractions are severe enough.
That’s not to say that you’ll get kicked out of your home for letting your dog do its business on the president’s lawn one time – but if you’re a repeat offender, you could get yourself into serious hot water.
Most likely, though, you’ll just get a citation. A citation can be a warning, like it is when a police officer is feeling friendly after pulling you over, or it can result in a fine (like it most likely will after a police officer pulls you over for speeding).
Your fine will be payable to the HOA itself, in most cases, and the money will go straight into the association’s reserve fund.
Your best bet is to change the rules if you don’t like them. Get other homeowners on board with you and take the matter to the association; ask for a vote, and if you get the majority, the HOA will likely change the rule that you don’t like.

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