Why Hasn't Your Home Sold Yet - Sell a Home in Aspen With a Realtor
If you’re selling your home in Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, or any of the surrounding communities, you want it to sell quickly… and at the right price.
So why isn’t your home selling? Why is it still sitting on the market?

Why Isn’t Your Home Selling?

There are many reasons a home sits on the market too long – but most of them are preventable.

Is Your Home in the Right Condition to Sell Now?

The most common reason homes don’t sell? It’s not in the right condition.
Your home may be gorgeous; it might have all the right upgrades in all the right places.
But if other homes in your market aren’t moving, yours needs to be better than all of them. That means undertaking any necessary repairs or minor updates before you even list your home. It might mean sprucing up your curb appeal, updating the faucets in your bathrooms or kitchen, or even replacing a few of your home’s most tired features.

Is Your Home Priced Incorrectly?

Another reason your home may be sitting on the market for too long is that you didn’t price it right.
Ideally, you’ll listen to your Realtor when she tells you how to price your home.
It’s hard; it really is, because we all turn sentimental value into dollar value when we’re talking about our homes.
If you overprice your home, it’ll sit on the market too long without selling. You’ll eventually lower the price, and people will start to wonder what’s secretly wrong with your home that you’re not telling them.
The hard truth: the older your real estate listing is, the tougher it is to sell.

Are You Selling Your Home in Aspen or the Surrounding Communities?

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