3 issues that could surprise you on closing day - buy a home in aspen
When you’re buying a home, whether it’s a luxury estate in Aspen or a cozy condo in Basalt, the last thing you want is to be blindsided with surprise information on closing day.

3 Issues That Surprise Buyers on Closing Day

Unfortunately, there are three big issues commonly surprise homebuyers on closing day—but here’s what you can do to bounce back and keep moving forward with the transaction.

The Walk Through Makes You Want to Back Out

When you go through your soon-to-be home to do the final walk-through, which many people save for the morning of closing day, you’ll notice all kinds of issues that you didn’t the last time you went through the home. Sometimes when a house is vacant, little things look more dramatic than they are—but to err on the safe side, schedule your walk-through a few days before closing.

Boundary Issues

Many homebuyers are surprised to find out—typically after closing—that their property doesn’t quite go where they thought it did.
To make sure you’re not surprised on (or after) closing day about where your property boundaries lie, ask for a copy of the survey. You can even make it a condition of your offer.

Title Problems

Nobody wants to hear about title problems, least of all on closing day. However, when an issue comes up—which can happen just before you sit down at the closing table—you want to know immediately so the seller has the opportunity to fix it.
To avoid a last-minute title surprise, make sure your Realtor® is in close contact with the title agent, and that your lender is, too.

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