3 Key Things to Do Before You Buy a New Mattress
Americans spend about one-third of their lives sleeping, or trying to get to sleep, according to the National Institutes of Health.
While life may not be a bed of roses, if you’re like most people, that’s exactly what you’re expecting from a new mattress—an effortless slumber and a refreshed awakening.
But do you know how to find the mattress that’s best for you? Here are three important things to do before you buy a new mattress.

Ask Questions, Including Yourself 

Think about how your current mattress makes you feel when you get up each morning. Do you have a sore back, or other particular aches and pains? Share this info with the store showroom salesperson to help them hone in on an appropriate mattress for your needs.
If you find a cozy mattress that you think might be the one for you, ask how long it has been on the showroom floor. Many shoppers before you will have tested out the bed—
lounging, laying, and bouncing—and an unused mattress could feel a lot different.

Take It for a Test Drive 

You can’t buy a mattress without testing it out first, of course. But do more than just sit on it. Lay on it, get in and out of it—even roll around in it. Test materials like memory foam, because regardless of how you’re positioned when you fall asleep most people move around to some degree and will need support.

Check Out the Return Policy 

Before you purchase a mattress be sure to check the return/exchange policy because the ultimate test of a mattress is when you have it at home where you can make conclusions about support and firmness to determine if it’s truly a good fit.