stress while selling a home - sell your home in aspen
Aside from professional home stagers and interior decorators, most people don’t look forward to prepping a home for showing. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary part of the process of selling a home in Aspen. With a bit of planning, though, you can survive this stage with much of your sanity intact.

1. Use Baskets for Quick Storage

If you’re like most people, it can be tough not to leave often-used items in their usual place. With a few well-chosen baskets (with lids, of course!), you’ll have an attractive stash for items that usually occupy your tables, counters and shelves.

2. Keep Clean Towels Handy

Having a set of clean, fluffy, neatly folded towels ready to place in each bathroom can speed up the process of tidying your home for a showing. You can stash the towels you’re using in a closet and replace them after the showing, leaving your “staging” towels ready for the next showing.
White spa towels will instantly make any bathroom appear neater, cleaner and more inviting. If not white, choose a lighter color that goes well with your décor. Dark or bold colors can make a bathroom seem crowded and less clean.

3. Keep Cleaning Wipes in Kitchen and Baths

While you may ordinarily use sponges or cloths to wipe down your surfaces, it’s hard to beat the convenience of disposable wipes for a quick touch-up before a showing. You’ll avoid needing to clean the sink after rinsing a cleaning rag.

4. Enjoy Fresh Flowers

Selling your home can be a stressful time. Why not treat yourself by keeping a vase of fresh flowers on the kitchen table? You can even pull a few blooms out and set bud vases in your entryway, hall or bathrooms. Your home will look more inviting—to potential buyers and to you.

Are You Selling a Home in Aspen?

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