4 things many homebuyers forget to consider - aspen homes for sale
If you’re shopping for a home in the Aspen area, you’re sure to have a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves. However, many aspiring homeowners often overlook certain elements when viewing homes for sale. What may seem like a small matter at first glance can become an important detail after a few months in your new home.

Neighborhood Noise Level

It can be difficult to gauge, from one showing, what the noise level may be like inside a particular home. If a home interests you, listen for road sounds and other outside noises while you’re there. Open and close the windows and compare. Later, take a stroll near the home and get a feel for the noise level in the neighborhood.

Walk Score and Bike Score

Is there a convenience store, market or restaurant within walking distance? It can be nice to have a shop nearby to pick up the odd thing you’ve run out of. Having a park within an easy walk is another important feature many homebuyers don’t think of when shopping for a home. In addition to your own convenience, a home’s walkability (and bike-friendliness) is increasingly tied to resale value. This can be important when it’s time for you to sell the home.

North, South, East and West

Your houseplants will love you if you buy a home with a few south-facing windows. Late risers may prefer their bedroom window not face the rising sun. Some folks like a bright, sunny sitting room, while others don’t want sunbeams intruding in their home theater.
Being aware of what direction your windows and doors face can help you determine if you’ll be happy with the natural light your rooms get. Don’t be afraid to take a compass with you when viewing a home—or use a compass app on your smartphone. It can be difficult to tell which rooms will be sunny if you happen to see a home on a cloudy day or late in the evening.

Places to Store Stuff

Storage space is an often-overlooked feature. Many homebuyers, when thoughtfully examining the living space of a home, may forget to consider whether there’s adequate storage space to keep clutter from taking over their rooms. Try to imagine your stored items in the home’s pantry, closets and deep storage areas. If there’s nowhere convenient to stow your vacuum cleaner, that could end up bothering you twice a week for the entire time you live there.

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