7 Tips to Clean Up Super-Fast Before a Showing
If you’re like most people, you know that a home showing could happen at any time. Check out these seven tips to whip things into shape fast.

7 Tips to Clean Up Super-Fast Before a Showing

Your real estate agent will most likely advise you to be as flexible as possible for home showings. Sometimes, that means being ready at a moment’s notice. But what if your house isn’t always spotless? A good rule of thumb is to make all the beds first thing in the morning; you should also put dishes in the dishwasher as you use them. Those tips aside, here are seven tips to clean up super-fast before a showing:

  1. Keep cleaning supplies in each room
  2. Have an empty laundry basket on-hand
  3. Clear the counters
  4. Dust, sweep and mop as necessary
  5. Focus on sinks and countertops
  6. Clean front-door glass
  7. Fluff the pillows

Scroll down for a closer look at each.

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Tip #1 to Clean Super-Fast Before a Showing: Keep Cleaning Supplies in Each Room

You should keep separate cleaning supplies in every bathroom in your home. That way, you can spot clean as necessary without running all over the house to gather supplies. Additionally, having a separate set of cleaning supplies for the kitchen as well as keeping one broom upstairs and one downstairs can help you clean up when you’re on a time crunch.
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Tip #2 to Clean Super-Fast Before a Showing: Have an Empty Laundry Basket On-Hand

Keep an empty laundry basket handy at all times period when you get a short notice showing, you can run through your home and gather up anything you don’t have time to put away. Simply whisk items into the laundry basket and take the basket with you when you leave the house.

Tip #3 to Clean Super-Fast Before a Showing: Clear the Counters

Clear everything off your countertops before showing. That includes kitchen appliances, such as toasters and blenders, as well as clutter that naturally builds up, such as mail, magazines, kids’ toys and other items.
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Tip #4 to Clean Super-Fast Before a Showing: Dust, Sweep and Mop as Necessary

Put most of your focus on important areas, such as the entryway, the kitchen, and bathrooms. Break out the duster and the broom as necessary, and if you need to spot clean your floors, do so with the mop or a damp cloth.

Tip #5 to Clean Super-Fast Before a Showing: Focus on Sinks and Countertops

Make sure all your sinks and countertops are scrubbed clean. You can use disposable cleaning wipes; one of the benefits of doing this is that your home smells freshly cleaned after using them.
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Tip #6 to Clean Super-Fast Before a Showing: Clean Front-Door Glass

Buyers will start forming their first impression of your home while they’re outside, waiting to go in. That means if your front door has glass on it, you need to clean it on your way out.

Tip #7 to Clean Super-Fast Before a Showing: Fluff the Pillows

Run through your home and fluff every pillow, smooth every coverlet, and re-drape any throws. You want your home to look polished, and this quick fix handles that.
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