Can You Use an Inspection Report to Negotiate on a Home You Want to Buy
When a seller accepts your offer on a home for sale in Aspen, your next step is to hire a home inspector. Your inspector will go through the house looking for any issues that could affect your decision – and he or she will be on the hunt for defects.
If your inspector uncovers any issues with the home (we’re talking deal-breakers, not simple fixes such as an upside-down doorknob on a closet), you may be able to use those issues to negotiate a better deal on the home. Here’s what you need to know.
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Can You Use an Inspection Report to Negotiate on a Home You Want to Buy?

You can absolutely negotiate after a home inspection. Usually, buyers ask sellers to hire a professional to make repairs or to provide a credit so the buyer can hire someone. Your REALTOR® will do the negotiating for you, but before you get to that point, remember:

  • Choose your battles
  • Know which repairs are necessary
  • Arm yourself with research

Here’s a closer look at each.

Negotiating Tip #1: Choose Your Battles

You don’t want to pick out small details when you’re negotiating. Stick to major issues – the ones that could affect your decision to buy the home – when you’re asking a seller to make repairs or provide you with a credit to hire a professional yourself.

Negotiating Tip #2: Know Which Repairs Are Necessary

Sellers may be legally required to fix some issues, but even if they’re not obligated to do so by law, the problems that absolutely must be fixed include:

  • Water leaks, wet basements or moldy walls
  • Safety issues, such as missing handrails on stairs
  • Code violations that make the home uninhabitable by local, state or federal law

Negotiating Tip #3: Arm Yourself With Research

Know what’s wrong with the home before you ask sellers to make repairs. Don’t say, “The roof looks old.” Get a roofing inspection done and make sure you know what you’re asking for – that way, the seller is more likely to work with you.

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