how flexible should you be with home showings in aspen
When your home is on the market but you’re still living in it, you’re going to have to deal with showings—and you have to be flexible so your home can appeal to as many buyers as possible.
But how flexible do you need to be? Do you have to be ready to dash out the door within five minutes when your Realtor® calls and tells you there’s a buyer who wants to see it, and what happens if someone wants to see it at an inconvenient time?

How Flexible Should You Be With Home Showings?

If you must, you can set ground rules for showings when you put your home on the market. You can choose specific days and times if you need to. Remember, though, that many buyers aren’t going to be available to see your home when it’s convenient for you. People work Monday through Friday, like you, so they’re likely going to want to set up tours in the evenings or on the weekends.
That may mean sacrificing your own comfort until the home sells—and it may mean dashing out the door and leaving a spotlessly clean house behind with very little notice. It’s not easy, but there’s always the “what-if” scenario: What if the person who was ready to make a cash offer for full price could only find time to see your home on a day or time you told your Realtor was off-limits?
The bottom line: Talk to your Realtor about what’s going to work best for you if you’re still living in your house while it’s on the market. He or she is there to help you sell your home, which means you’ll get excellent advice that takes the “big picture” into account.

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