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You’ve found the right Aspen Realtor(R) and you’re ready to hunt for houses. But how many houses should you look at in a day?

How Many Homes Should You See in a Day?

Some buyers try to look at up to twenty houses a day, but the experts say that after you look at five or six houses in one day, they all start to blend together… and you’re at risk of “decision burnout.”
To keep your head clear, stick to viewing between five and seven houses in a day. Take notes while you look to keep help you remember the details about each. (Then, take time – at least another day – to contemplate and consider what you’ve seen… and recharge your batteries before looking at more.)
Of course, if you are including your children on your house hunt, you will need to limit your viewings even more, allowing your child’s comfort to guide you. It might be more sensible to do initial viewings on your own, and then only bring them to view houses once you have a short list of homes you are seriously considering.
Take travel time into account when you consider how many houses you look at. If you are looking at houses that are all in the same neighborhood, you may be able to push the number of houses visited a little bit higher. Even then, after viewing more than seven houses, it may be hard to remember details of each of the houses.
Keep your memory and priorities clear by limiting the number of houses you visit to five or six and jot down details about the houses so that you will be able to remember their details later.

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