Is it Safe to Sell a House in Aspen Right Now?
If you’re like many people thinking about selling a home in Aspen, you’ve heard that it’s a great time to put a house on the market. Interest rates are low, buyers are more serious than usual (especially during the winter) and inventory is slim – and all these things together mean that it’s a great time to be a seller.
But is it safe to sell a house in Aspen right now?
Here’s what you need to know.

Is it Safe to Sell a House in Aspen Right Now?

Zillow did a survey on whether people felt comfortable selling their homes during the coronavirus pandemic. Of those who did not feel comfortable, the key numbers that came back were as follows:

  • 34 percent said that life is too uncertain to sell a home right now
  • 31 percent had financial concerns
  • 25 percent said that they had COVID-19 health concerns

To address the 25 percent: It is safe to sell a home right now, particularly if you’re working with an Aspen REALTOR® who understands your concerns and takes the right steps to protect you and your family. That’s because good agents are doing what they can by using technology to mitigate your risk and are careful about in-person showings.

How Can Technology Help You Sell Your Home More Safely?

Agents all over Colorado – and elsewhere in the U.S. – have adjusted their business practices to keep both buyers and sellers safe. That includes doing things like:

  • Using virtual tours on more listings, enabling people to get a feel for the homes they like before seeing them in person. That also helps narrow down the number of people who will enter your home for a tour (especially those who won’t end up buying).
  • Adding even more detailed information in online real estate listings. The more buyers can read about your home, the more informed decisions they can make about seeing your house in person.
  • Including neighborhood information in listings. Many agents have begun to include neighborhood information in real estate listings (or have made it available on their websites) so buyers can learn about the area without having to travel. For example, we have information on Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, Snowmass and Woody Creek on our site that you can use to learn about a community before you start looking for homes in the area.
  • Putting more information about schools, community events and more on websites for prospective buyers. You can check out Aspen area school information and current events on our site, and you can also check out live webcams around the city.
  • Choosing high-resolution photos to help showcase homes online. We use the best photographers for our real estate listings, enabling buyers to get a good look at each one of our clients’ homes before committing to an in-person tour.

Keeping Your Home Safe During In-Person Tours

Good agents are also being more cautious about in-person tours. Generally, the people who want to see homes right now are being conscientious about protecting themselves and the people whose homes they’re touring. And the National Association of REALTORS® has set forth guidelines for in-person tours that REALTORS are following, such as:

  • Limiting in-person activity as necessary. Tours are still available, but agents are more likely to ask one or two people to come rather than bringing the whole family in to see a house.
  • Requiring guests to wash their hands or use sanitizer when entering and leaving a home.
  • Asking prospective buyers to remove their shoes when coming in, or to cover them with disposable booties to keep them from tracking germs in and out.
  • Following CDC guidance on social distancing and wearing masks to protect themselves and sellers.

Are You Selling or Buying a Home in Aspen?

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