Mapping Out a New Backyard Design: 3 Things to Consider
You may be rethinking how you currently use your backyard. Are you making the best use of your space? Do you have the features you want? Which aspects of your property can you play up, and which undesirable ones can you play down? As you map out a new design give the following questions some thought.

Which Interior Spaces Access Your Backyard?

Think about how you access your backyard. Do you have more than one option? Maybe doors from a sunroom and a family room lead outside. How easy is it to access the backyard from the front? The traffic patterns in and out of your home can inform how you plan each area of your backyard.

What Features Are on Your Wish List?

How do you want to use your backyard? Will you use it as a tranquil space to rest in a hammock or to escape with a good book? Do you want to install a pool and hot tub for parties and soirees? Maybe you want to dine al fresco in an outdoor kitchen and gazebo? Write out your wish list, then you’ll be able to identify the areas in your backyard that will be the best fit for those functions.

How Large Does Each Area Need to Be?

How you plan to use your backyard will dictate the dimensions of your spaces. This consideration is crucial to making sure you don’t cramp your yard, and that each area has sufficient room for the function intended. If you want an outdoor kitchen, a gazebo, and a deck each feature should have sufficient space for optimal use. Some items on your list may require spacing in order to maintain safety. For instance, if you want to add a fire pit to your backyard you’ll need to ensure that it’s safely distanced from anything that’s flammable. You’ll also need to account for seating that is spaced at a safe distance.

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