Pet Safety During Your Move
When you’re a pet parent who’s buying a home for sale in Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, Snowmass or Woody Creek, your primary concern is your four-legged family members’ safety.
Check out these pet safety tips for moving.

Pet Safety During Your Move

  • Make sure your pets are chipped and registered
  • Prep them for the car ride
  • Board your pets if you can
  • Acclimate your pet to your new home

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Make Sure Your Pets Are Chipped and Registered

Anything can happen during a move – even your beloved pet slipping out the door while you’re carrying boxes out to the truck. Make sure your pets are chipped and registered before you move, and make sure everyone’s wearing a collar.

Prep Your Pets for the Car Ride

If your pets aren’t too used to the car, take them for a few rides before the big day. Make sure they’re properly restrained, and take them to places they love (like the dog park). That way, they’ll associate car rides with something paws-itive. (We couldn’t resist.)

Board Your Pets if You Can

If it’s possible, board your pets for moving day. You’ll minimize the chances of an accidental escape, and your pet will be less stressed watching the comings and goings.

Acclimate Your Pets to Your New Home

Moves shock pets. Although you’ve been planning it for some time, there’s no way your pet can understand what’s going on. When you get there, allow your pet to explore. Place favorite toys in different rooms, bring plenty of treats, and give your four-legged family member extra attention to make things easier.

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