What Should You Do if Your Buyer Can’t Get Financing?

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If you’re like many people selling a home in Aspen, you know that your whole real estate transaction hinges on a prospective buyer being able to pay for your house or condo. But what happens if your buyer can’t get financing? Here’s what you need to know. What Should You Do if Your Buyer Can’t [...]

How to Figure Out if a Seller is in a Rush to Sell

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Whether you’re buying a luxury home in Aspen, a ranch in Basalt, or a condo in Snowmass can be a long process. However, much of this depends on exactly how eager (or desperate) the current owner is to sell. If you find a homeowner who’s extremely eager to sell, it may be worth considering putting in a fair, [...]

What Happens if You Overprice Your Home?

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If you’re like most sellers, you’ve talked to your Realtor® about setting the right sale price for your home. You’ve probably even had your agent complete a comparative market analysis so you know what your home is worth on today’s market. But what happens if you're not sure about your Realtor’s assessment and you feel [...]