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Whether you’re buying a luxury home for sale in Aspen, a ranch in Basalt, or a condo for sale in Snowmass, you may have to deal with CC&Rs—but what are they, and how will they affect your ownership of your home?

What Are CC&Rs?

CC&Rs are covenants, conditions, and restrictions. They’re the rules and regulations of your neighborhood or community, and you’ll find them in condominium associations and homeowner’s associations.
These rules exist to protect the value of the homes in the area.
Common rules in condo association and HOA CC&Rs include things like:

  • Pet restrictions (such as sizes, types, and whether you can even have them)
  • Building guidelines that let you know where the association stands on building fences, whether you can build a workshop, and whether it’s okay to add on to your home
  • Rules about using homes for non-residential purposes
  • Paint colors, fence styles, and other cosmetic issues that are and aren’t acceptable in the community
  • Lawn maintenance and landscaping rules

Read CC&Rs Before You Make an Offer

You can ask your Realtor to get you a copy of your potential community’s CC&Rs before you make an offer on a home. Make sure you read them thoroughly so you know whether you can live with them.

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