What is a Mortgage Contingency in Real Estate
When you buy a home for sale in Aspen or elsewhere, your real estate agent will protect you by building a mortgage contingency into your contract.
But what is a mortgage contingency, and how does it help you?

What is a Mortgage Contingency in Real Estate?

A mortgage contingency protects you if your financing falls through. Without this contingency in place, you could still be responsible for buying the home – even if you can’t get a mortgage loan to do so.
That’s not in anybody’s best interest… especially not yours.
The mortgage contingency gives you a certain period of time during which to get a loan that’ll cover the mortgage. The clock starts ticking when the seller accepts your offer. If you can’t get a lender to give you the money to buy the house within that time frame, you’re free to walk away from the deal with your earnest money and down payment intact.

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Don’t waive this contingency. If you fail to meet your deadline, in the worst-case scenario, you could be on the hook to buy the home. In the best-case scenario, you’ll forfeit your earnest money deposit to the seller – and that can be a serious pile of cash. Most earnest money deposits are between 1 and 3 percent of a home’s sales price, so if you’re trying to buy a $500,000 home, your earnest money deposit could range from $5,000 to $15,000 – and you don’t want to lose that.

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