What is a Withdrawn Listing in Real Estate
As you look for homes for sale in Aspen, you’ll see some listed online as “withdrawn.” But what does that mean, and how does it affect your home search?

What is a Withdrawn Listing in Real Estate?

A withdrawn listing is a home with sellers who no longer want to sell it. They ask their agent to withdraw it from the market so it’s not active on the multiple listing service (the service agents use to showcase which homes are for sale, and the service that feeds into major real estate sites like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com) – but sometimes, withdrawn listings still show up in home search results on local websites and those big sites.

Why Would a Seller Withdraw a Listing?

Sometimes sellers change their minds about selling a home. It could be due to financial or personal reasons, or it could be because they want to take time to make improvements or repairs before putting it back on the market. Sometimes it’s because the home was overpriced and sat on the market for too long, or because sellers just really want a break from showing it.

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Do Withdrawn Listings Go Back on the Market?

After sellers withdraw a listing, they can choose to put the house back on the market later. There’s no guarantee that’ll happen, though – so don’t get your hopes up waiting for a certain house if you see it’s been withdrawn from the market.
The bottom line: If you see a home you want to buy, don’t wait. Make an offer right away.

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