3 great restaurants in aspen
If you’re moving to Aspen, you’ll be glad to know that there are several amazing restaurants in and around the city. Here are three of our favorites.

3 Great Restaurants to Try in Aspen, CO

Some of the best restaurants in Aspen are Pyramid Bistro, Matsuhisa and Element 47.

Pyramid Bistro

Pyramid Bistro
221 East Main Street
Delicious and nutritious food is what makes Pyramid Bistro a spectacular place to eat. Check out the dinner menu here – you’ll find something you love!


303 East Main Street
With locations in Aspen, Vail and Denver, Matsuhisa is a great dining experience. Check out the menus here.

Element 47

Element 47
675 East Durant Avenue
Casual fine dining is exactly what you get at this amazing restaurant. Check out the menu here and then make your reservations!

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