How to Write the Winning Offer When There are Multiple Offers on an Aspen Home for Sale
You’ve found the perfect Aspen home for sale and you’ve put in an offer.
It’s a good offer.
One that the seller should accept.
But there’s one problem: one (or more) other people put in offers, too… and they each think the seller should accept their offers.

How Multiple Offers Work

It’s not uncommon for a seller to receive two, three, or even a dozen offers on a home, all within the same day.
Obviously, the seller can’t sell the home to everyone who wants it.
That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother to make an offer, though, because yours might be the one the seller chooses.

How to Write the Winning Offer

There are no guarantees in life (yes, we know about death and taxes), so what works for one person may not work so well for another.
However, you can increase your offer’s chance of standing out to a seller if you do a few simple things.

Fork Over a Significant Amount of Earnest Money

If you put down a large amount of earnest money — at least more than what’s considered standard — you’ll grab the seller’s attention. You’re saying, “Look, I’m really serious about buying this house.”

Show the Seller That You’re Preapproved

Sure, anyone can be prequalified for a loan. That’s just the bank saying that you appear to be qualified, but they haven’t pulled your credit report or examined your financial history.
When the bank preapproves you, it’s a whole new ballgame. A preapproval means the bank has checked your credit, delved into your records, and is still willing to give you the cash to buy a home.

Make Concessions

You can either give the seller more time to leave the house or you can negotiate on other points that may make the deal sweeter for the seller. Ultimately, you should talk about what you’d like to do with your Realtor®, who knows how to help you make the most informed decision possible.

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