Does a Seller Have to Accept the Highest Offer on a Home
When you’re buying a home for sale in Aspen, it’s an exciting time – and after you make an offer, the waiting can be really tough. Sellers can take their time to respond to offers (and often do, especially when they’re dealing with multiple offers from interested buyers), and those offers may be all over the price spectrum.
But do sellers have to accept the highest offer on a home?
Here’s what you need to know.

Does a Seller Have to Accept the Highest Offer on a Home?

Sellers can accept any offer they want to accept – they don’t have to accept the highest offer. A seller can take an offer just as it is, counter it, or even counter some offers but not others.
For some sellers, price isn’t even the most important point. Sometimes a buyer offers to close quickly, to let the seller “rent” the home after the transaction is complete, or even accept conditions (like a leaky roof) that other buyers want fixed. It’s always up to the seller which offer he or she chooses.
Sometimes when sellers are dealing with multiple offers, they’ll let everyone know that they’re open to higher offers. If that happens, your agent will let you know that the seller is asking for the “highest and best” offer – and you can increase what you’re offering if it fits within your budget and you feel the home is worth it.
However, keep this in mind: You may not get another chance to put in an offer. If you really love the home, it’s a good idea to put your best offer forward right out of the gate.

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